Mr.+Mrs. Jedidiah Mounce | Kentucky Backyard Wedding

  Alex and Jed, Where do we even begin? From start to finish your wedding day was a dream. We are convinced that the only thing that was sweeter than your venue choice (under a pergola you all built together in your childhood backyard) is the love itself that you two so obviously share for one another. The hard work and love that was poured out by so many in preparation for your big day was evident in every little detail. We had the best time following you around all day and documenting even the smallest of details for you to look back at for years to come. We love you , wish you best, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for the new Mr. And Mrs. Jedediah Mounce.

Jason+Tori | Kentucky Summer Engagement

    When I met with Jason and Tori for their engagement session, we hopped in the car, made a few stops along the way and headed to our own little corner of the world. While this Creek is no secret to Somerset's natives, it was everything we could ask for on this sunny July afternoon. The secluded waterfront, and these amazing flat rocks made it the perfect setting for Tori and Jason to adore and cherish each other in front of my camera. And after spending even just this short time with them, I can tell you that this couple is beautiful inside and out. Their love for adventure, fun and the way they so naturally and seamlessly mesh together in these photos is just a small part of why their engagement session is so lovely. Jason and Tori, I wish you nothing but the best as you continue to plan and prepare for your wedding day next summer! I pray that you continue to enjoy this time of preparation – it’s truly such a precious time in your lives!

Micael+Aleshia | The Engagement

   At Micael and Aleshia's engagement session there was no shortage of sweet moments! They brought along Micael's daughter Gracii along for a few family shots. Watching Gracii interact with Micael and Aleshia was so incredibly precious. From picking flowers for Aleshia, wrestling with her dad, or just enjoying a family day with her two favorite people... A smile from ear to ear didn't leave Gracii's face.

   Micael and Gracii surprised Aleshia on a family vacation last summer where they asked her to be theirs forever! As you can already tell we are so excited for this wedding and all of the romantic and sweet moments ahead!


Justin+Jessica | The engagement

As most of you may know, we love shooting engagement sessions! This is the time where we really get to know our couples. We get to find out how they got engaged, what their favorite things to do are, and just get to simply get to know them and hang out with them!
When it came time for Jessica and Justin's engagement session I knew it was going to be something so special! Not only did they personally give me a tour of their wedding venue (our location for these awesome portraits) but I also just got to hang out with them, ride around on a golf cart and just explore and talk! (It is definitely true that I made Justin promise to not take me to jail for my golf cart driving skills! I'm terrible haha!)
These two have a chemistry like no other! I believe my favorite part of the session was just asking them to dance or whisper to one another because they just made it completely their own. All Jessica had to do was whisper a single word and it would make Justin crack up, or when they danced in the middle of the road.. AH I could have posted every single dance shot.. They were not only romantic but it was like a breath of fresh air seeing these two just being themselves and enjoying spending an evening together!

Justin and Jessica, we are so excited for you wedding this fall!
Thank you for just being your perfectly amazing selves!!


Mr. + Mrs. Zach Hargis | South Central KY Wedding

I read a quote the other day that said  
"We were together; I don't remember the rest."
When High school sweethearts wed, it results in some of the sweetest big days. Zach and Whitnie have been together for what seems like forever; and the exciting part is that they are just getting started (officially)! From start to finish their day was a dream. The hard work that both of their precious families put in paid off BIG time and resulted in a gorgeous ceremony/reception. As if the day wasn't already sweet enough, seeing Whitnie and her twin sister Jaysie share some of the most heartfelt moments throughout the day had us in constant awe of their bond. (Twin sisters truly are the perfect Best Friend). 

     The love between this bride and groom is undeniable and when we found out that the altar they married on was the same one Zach asked Whitnie to be his forever on, we just about melted to the floor. Marriage isn't easy and we never even pretend it is when chatting with our couples BUT we know that these two are the real deal and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for them! Thanks for choosing this crazy duo to document such a special day; it was perfect. 


Zach+Lauren | Paris Elopement

    We’re celebrating all things PARIS today with a gorgeous elopement—kind of an homage to the City of Light. Aside from being completely smitten with Zach and Lauren's intimate wedding day in the most romantic city in the world, we can’t stop obsessing over the couple’s beyond-chic style choices; Zach's blue suit, Lauren's beautiful blush and gold wedding dress with embroidered florals, and a handpicked bouquet by the bride and groom themselves.

    Looking back at Lauren and Zach's Elopement in Paris, I can't help but smile from ear to ear. Many of you know that we have been waiting for weeks to release these heart-filled images to the public. We have been waiting for the new Mr. and Mrs. to come home and celebrate with their friends and family! They wanted to share the images with friends and family first so they can get the full experience of their journey to bride and groom. 
                                       (So, stay tuned for some awesome reception photos coming soon)

   These two really have my whole heart. Our time in Paris was unlike any of my other travel/work experiences. It was just the five of us in the City of Lights for three days. Apart from massive amounts of adventuring (to many parts I had never even heard of), we laughed until we cried, ate enough croissants and macaroons to feed a small village and fully celebrated their love

     And putting aside the obvious beauty and romance that IS Paris, the greatest thing I can take away from this day was just how incredibly connected Lauren and Zach were all day.  They truly made it all about celebrating the love they shared and being IN the moment. 
    Lauren and Zach decided to get ready for their big day together which made for some super romantic getting ready shots. They even handpicked the flowers for her bouquet at one of the flower shops off the street!
                                                                (HOW SWEET IS THAT?!)
      Although, friends and family were not present for their nuptials they invited one of their dear friends who was currently living in Germany to come to Paris and be their officiant. It was so neat to not only see one of their best friends marry them, but to also hear the outstanding words of wisdom and kindness he shared with them during the ceremony. Zach and Lauren made their promises to one another in such a beautiful and romantic place as the Parc Monceau. It was pure magic, and so very intimate.
     We had brunch on their wedding day at the infamous Laduree and later that evening they celebrated the end of their wedding day on the lawn of the Eiffel tower with some champagne and the world's finest macaroons money can buy! What a perfect way to end a beyond perfect day!

    They were also so ridiculously good to me and did everything they could to help me capture their day as beautifully as possible– dream clients in every sense of the word!  This day was such a gift, and I was sure to not let the huge honor escape me for one minute. This elopement produced some of my all-time favorite photos and was without a doubt, a trip I’ll always cherish.  I’m so grateful for Zach and Lauren, and I look so forward to more amazing travels documenting love all around the world.

   Enough of our thoughts, let's hear some thoughts from the Bride and Groom themselves!

     From the Groom:
Paris elopement was such an unique experience because we only had to worry about each other on our wedding day so that just made it that much more romantic. And being able to have one of our best friends there and him being so involved. My favorite thing was being able to explore the cities for the first time at our own pace and see what we wanted to see. We couldn't have asked for anything to have been more perfect.

    From the Bride:
When I went to Paris in high school I absolutely fell in love with the city...the romanticism, the flowers, the food. Everything. Zach and I both really love to take trips and travel so we always had a International honeymoon in mind... and I loved the idea of sharing the city I loved with Zachary. When it finally came time to start planning a wedding, neither of us really loved the idea of something traditional. With Jarred (our best friend and officiant) already in Germany it seemed perfect to just combine the two into one trip for a more intimate day. I really loved experiencing European culture on our own with pretty much no expectations or schedule. We took every day by day and learned the city by walking. sitting on the lawn at the Eiffel Tower at night was absolutely breathe taking and only reminded me how lucky we were to get to do what we did and have the best photographers with us!!!



The Blevins Wedding | Barn at Cedar Grove

Senior photos, prom sessions, couple's shoots, etc; over the years we have had the honor of working with Mackenzie and Zack many times and it felt SO right when they asked us to document the single most important day in their relationship. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to their big day (like 10 years haha) and when it finally arrived, it did NOT disappoint! Every detail was meticulously planned out and the result was stunning. The day started strong with some of the most beautiful details and ended just as strong with a fun dance party and a delicious AMON'S Donut bar!! Zack and Mackenzie, we wish you the best on this new adventure you have just embarked on and look forward to seeing where life takes you both. 


  • Hair

          Julia Taylor & Laura Lee Tucker

  • Makeup

    same as above

  • Florist

    MaryBeth Jones (Mother of the Bride)

  • Planner/Coordinator

    Lauren Watson

  • DJ/Band

    Soundwave Moblie Disc Jockey

  • Caterer

    John Arnold, Corporate Chef at Performance Food Group

  • Gown Designer/Retailer

    Justin Alexander, The Steel Magnolia

  • Invitations/Paper Products

    Wedding Paper Divas & Vistaprint

  • Videographer

    Hoopla Films

  • Cake or Dessert

    Amon's Sugar Shack

The Buskey Wedding | Signature Club of Lansdowne | Lexington, KY

   April Showers bring May flowers...

Ever heard that before? Well, this wedding brought rain showers and INCREDIBLE flowers both of which we were excited about. YES! You read that correctly, we (the photographers)were EXCITED even though the day was a little wet. You See, when you have a laid back, crazy in love couple, a helpful wedding party, and two fabulous families, nothing stands in the way of a perfect wedding day.
    Allison and Ross got married at the Signature Club of Lansdowne in Lexington KY; and from start to finish, it was a dream. Everything was perfect; from the beautiful bride/handsome groom, the spring florals, the heartfelt ceremony, all the way down to the reception full of guests who know how to C E L E B R A T E; this day encompassed what wedding dreams are made of! 
   Our favorite part of the day is hard to choose so we will share a few of our favorites with you.

FIRST, we loved watching Allison and Ross interact with eachother. They were so relaxed and so carefree. It was obvious throughout the entire day how confident they were in making the decision to spend forever together!

SECONDLY, the ceremony. You guys, it was so special. We enjoyed listening to stories from Ross and Allison's childhood and experiencing one of the most beautiful ring ceremonies EVER as each and every attendant in the wedding party took a few moments to pray over the rings as they made their way up to the minister.

THIRD, the speeches; (we rarely ever choose this BUT...) we have to say that the girls stole the show (sorry boys) and gave us something to remember. Just as they were wrapping up their sweet words Allison's maid(s) of honor entertained us with a Buskey-remix to the rap song "GRILLZ" (one the bride herself proudly raps every word to) --- Hey by the way Mackenzie and Sara,  When can we expect to see the single on ITUNES?

   The Buskey wedding is one we will never forget and even though valet parking isn't all it's cracked up to be (HA! inside joke), the love these two share most definitely is. Allison + Ross, we wish you nothing but the best on this beautiful ride called marriage!

Zack+Mackenzie | Keeneland and Downtown LEX Engagement

I have been photographing these two since they were in high school, then again in college and now their ENGAGEMENT!!! Kenzie and Zack have a connection like none other. You could give these two the simplest task like, "slow dance together" and they will bust a move and dance around like no one is watching! One thing is for sure, Zack couldn't take his eyes off of Kenzie. Whether, she was acting silly, trying to be serious, telling a story, or looking him straight back in the eyes, you could tell Zack is all about his girl! I couldn't help but smile and squeal from the back of my camera at their images. We couldn't have chosen a better venue for their pictures than Keeneland! Perfect for a true southern couple! I can't wait for their wedding at Barn at Cedar Grove this summer with a special appearance of their sweet puppy Heidi!

Mack+Jasmine | Somerset Engagement

If engagement shoots make your heart flutter then when you see this one with their sweet daughter Bailey who tagged along for a few shots you will be sure to have all the HEART EYES about this one! Jasmine and Mack are so incredibly sweet and I enjoyed seeing them play with Bailey and almost using the engagement shoot as a fun family night out! If one thing is for certain.. it's the chemistry these two have.. The first picture you see here on the blog.. that was the very first picture I took of their session! THE FIRST!! These two had no problem hugging up and cuddling on or off the camera! We can't wait for their Fall wedding this year at Cave Hill Vineyard.. it's sure to be one you won't want to miss!

Drew + Meagan | Lexington Engagement

    I have been so excited to share this shoot! Meagan and Drew are two of a kind! I could not get enough of the way she looked at him all night and the way that all Drew had to do is smile or whisper something so simple and it would make Meagan laugh and fall more in love with him each time! Can you imagine how their wedding day will go?!?! YES!! We are already daydreaming about these two... They are going to rock this whole marriage thing!! We explored some places in Lexington I had not photographed before which made the big city of Lexington seem far away! We got to shoot at Grimes Mill which was absolutely beautiful!!! The other location was very special to Drew and Meagan, Henry Clay Estate.. Can you guess why?! This is where Drew Proposed! Sadly, the garden was not open during the time of their shoot but we did get to spend some time exploring around the gardens (these two can make anywhere fun!) So, I thought it may be neat to let the readers hear a little about their proposal. Snuggle up, keep reading, and fall in love with Drew and Meagan just like we have!

     "It was a cold day and I had just got off work and Drew said that he wanted to go for a walk around the neighborhood and I agreed. Nothing was out of the ordinary because we have bundled up and walked numerous times in the neighborhood...
I knew marriage was in our future but never thought I would be engaged that day!
I put my toboggan and mittens on and he put his coat on and we left his apartment on our walk. We headed up Richmond road like normal and talked about life and what not. Drew can spark a conversation about anything so there wasn't a silent moment the whole way which played the surprise off well... I told drew that I wanted to walk up by the Henry Clay estate and he easily agreed. As we got closer I was excited because the garden gate was unlocked and I know it's not much but we were actually able to go in! We went through the gate and there are signs posted all over the lawn claiming "Not to walk on it" and I began walking around the perimeter like I should. I turn around and drew is walking on the lawn like we AREN'T supposed to do!! and I do not break the rules so I immediately ask "What are you doing?!"
With a look in his eyes he says "Come over here" and me being "me" was like no we can't do that!
He comes over and gently grabs my hand and leads me onto the garden lawn. And I keep asking "What are you doing?? What are you doing?" And then it hit me what he was doing!!! And with not ONE soul around but him and I he gets down on one knee and reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out this beautiful diamond ring that he picked out completely by himself! No help from me at all! And with his shaking nervous voice he asks me to marry him! Of course I said YES!! But what I loved about our proposal is that it was just between him and I and no one else around and that was what we both wanted. It was simple but so special to me." -Meagan

Cody+Trista | The Proposal

As most of you know by now... these two got engaged a little over a week ago!! I can tell by the incredible sweet comments these two were getting on their post that this has been a long time coming.. it seemed as though all of Kentucky was rooting for them! 
      Cody had an incredible idea and I'm so thankful it all went smoothly and the exact way we imagined! Thank you to all of the friends who helped get them to the houseboat, celebrated, and planned an awesome engagement after party!
      Hiding on the neighbor houseboat, crouching behind the bar and killing a total of 7 spiders while waiting.. was COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!! Just look at how excited she is!
     As you can tell, I can go on and on about their sweet proposal but why not take it from Trista!! Here is her favorite parts of the day!

Trista: "My first thought was, speechless!! Except for the squealing "is this really happening!?!??" Lol. We had talked about getting married obviously and I knew it was coming but I had NO idea it was coming that day or anytime in the next few months. The fact that he had you there to document it and had our best friends there to share in it was even more special. I couldn't imagine a more perfect way if I had planned it all myself I was (and still am) SO excited. Cody has been the biggest blessing in my life , by far, and showed up unexpectedly right when I needed him the most and I'm so excited to start this journey with him! And then, after I realized how much planning went into it behind the scenes from him and my friends, I was completely blown away! They had all been working on this for weeks, and to top it off by coming home to a surprise engagement party was just the best way to round it out that I could ever dream of it was truly the perfect day with the perfect fiancé!"

There you have it folks!!! Check out all of the excitement below!! Congratulations Cody and Trista!!!

Jed+Alex | Kentucky Engagement

     Alex and Jed... Where to begin! These two have had our hearts for a while now! When they are around each other they are so incredibly in love and completely in tune with one another that you almost can't help but smile when your around them! When starting to plan out their engagement session they wanted to incorporate places that were not only beautiful but that also held a deeper meaning to them. Starting their session off in Alex's family barn that her father designed and even had a whole section of the loft built so that she could have her own place to paint, play and just have fun when she was younger (you can find Jed and Alex dancing in this special place below) Then it was off to Jed's neck of the woods.. Literally.. haha we adventured around the woods behind his house and then down to his grandparents house which was built in the Civil War.. How cool is that?! Along with the obviously awesome locations.. Jed and Alex were such a treat to watch them interact and just have so much fun during the session! We are so excited for their wedding this summer! Until then, you can find us daydreaming about what AMAZING wedding portraits we will get of these two then.
                                                                                                                     -TALARA JO + K.BETH