Mr. + Mrs. Robert Bickle | The Club at UK Spindletop Hall

Rob and Akiko, Words can't describe the beauty of your day. From the first swipe of make up placed on Akiko's face until you ran out to that gorgeous Bentley surrounded by YOUR people waving YOUR colors it felt like a dream (pinch us?). I don't know if we believe in "destiny" but if we did, that would be what brought us together (or Kentucky Bride Magazine for the less dramatic crowd) either way we are incredibly thrilled it happened! We were honored beyond belief to be included in such a huge way on such an important day in your lives and we wish many magical years of bliss as Mr. And Mrs. Bickle. Congrats and enjoy this peek into your big day! UK might have lost but we know two people who scored BIG.

Brandon+Elise | Kentucky Engagement

In our opinion, the best locations in Kentucky are the ones you find when you take “the road less traveled”. Elise and Brandon got to experience one of my “Hey, just trust me!”, “Lets go explore!”, “Uhh..Ignore that, but look over there!” engagement session adventures. When I have a couple that’s so trusting of my process it’s one of the most freeing things as a photographer! Shooting in the same city most of the time can become tough, so I like to get adventurous sometimes and take a backroad with my couples and just hop out of the car!
When they told me they were going to be bringing along their furry little one for the adventure I couldn't have been more excited! He was the perfect addition to their beautiful summer engagement! Seeing these two just hang out and enjoy spending some quality time nuzzling up makes me so happy to do what I do.
Brandon and Elise, we are so excited for your 2018 wedding! Thank you for choosing this crazy duo as your wedding photography team!

Mr. and Mrs. Heck | THE BARN AT REDGATE

     Faith, Friends and Family are the words we would choose if we had to summarize JD and Bethany's perfect Kentucky wedding day. From start to finish their day was the epitome of perfection. All day we witnessed not only the obvious love the bride and groom shared for each other but also the love, appreciation, and happiness that friends and family had for their favorite couple. This was a happy day not only here on earth but also in heaven as we feel certain JD's momma watched him marry the love of his life with a great big beautiful smile full of pride and approval knowing that he chose the type of woman she always prayed he would find. Thank you so much to both of you for having us along to document one of the sweetest days we have experienced. We wish you the best in this life and hope all your dreams came true in the magical world of Disney

Hair Matron of Honor-Singrid
Makeup Courtney Atwood (Mary Kay)
Florist Village Florist & Southern Flair (Russell Springs) 
Caterer Sassy Spoon Catering
Gown Designer/Retailer Maggie Sottero
Jewelry Kate Spade
Invitations/Paper Products Shutterfly
Cake or Dessert Rich in Blessings Bakery (Shanna Darnell)
Other notable vendors and/or DIY details My sweet mom worked SUPER hard on decorations, with Stephanie Likins on flowers/ table settings and with Sandy from Sassy Spoon Catering on linens. I could NOT have done this without their help to make my day perfect!

Logan + Rachel | Lexington, KY Engagement

       When Rachel contacted me about their engagement session she wanted to incorporate one thing... SUNFLOWERS! The only problem was is that we were about a week or two late to the sunflower party and the only sunflower field we found was gated with no access... Yeah you can imagine how bummed we were. Why keep such beauty locked away from random strangers?!?! haha So we improvised we chose to add in a small bouquet of her favorite florals and ran with it!! Turns out, it was the perfect touch to add to their already intimate morning engagement in Lexington! (Those sunflower ring shots though... HEART EYES everywhere) Getting up early and taking advantage of all the beautiful places LEX has to offer before the busy crowds take over was definitely the right idea! Rachel and Logan, you all were so incredibly adorable and we can't wait for your big day next year! 

Zach+Giuliana | Kentucky Farm Engagement

When we talked about where to do their engagement session, they mentioned doing it at Zach's Family farm. I had no idea it was going to be this beautiful. Even though we were a little nervous about the weather, it turned out to be a gorgeous day. I pulled up to a family farm with a fields of corn, tall grass, soy beans, barns, creeks and a lovely house with a GORGEOUS view. (Can we ask for anything more? I think not.) Zach grew up playing all over this land and helped his dad and his grandfather farm it. (check out the tractors in some of the shots below! They belong to Zach's father and grandfather) We explored the most beautiful spots together, driving around on their side by side, and I fell in love with the meaning of this place. I also fell in love with this couple! I adored the way that Zach and Giuls simply were together. It’s hard to put it into words. They seemed so comfortable with one another –   They were at ease, natural, comfortable, fun, full of joy, and fully themselves. It’s this old kind of love that makes me confident that their marriage will be so sweet and rooted in real love


Mr. + Mrs. Josh Parrott | Kentucky Ballroom Wedding

   The only thing more beautiful than Josh and Allison's day was the love that they so obviously share for one another. From The first curl fashioned in Allison's hair until the last sparkler was snuffed out, there was nothing but love, laughter, and lots of dancing (these people can move!) Some of the simplest and smallest details of this day have to be some of our favorites. We loved seeing Allison hanging with her mom and all of her best girls in the hotel room singing, dancing and just in awe of Allison's wedding day glow! We ADORED Josh's wedding band which just so happens to be Allison's great grandfathers. We teared up when Allison cried watching from afar as Josh got into position for their first look. (How Sweet is that?!) We love that Josh's socks match his last name...(Clever thinking on his part). And Lastly, At the end of the night, everyone is dancing and having a great time at the reception and you look in the middle of the dance floor and you see Josh and Allison alone in their own world talking to one another.. who knows what was said, maybe how beautiful she looks, maybe how much fun their having, maybe how incredibly sweet Josh was all day... We may never know, but what we do know is that this day was unforgettable and #WEDDINGDAYGOALS for sure!
Thank you so much Allison and Josh for having this crazy duo along for one of the biggest most important days of your lives; it was such an honor. We wish you the sweetest love for the rest of your days

Clay and Chantella Huffman | An Island Elopement

Clay and Chantella, You two have to be the cutest, craziest, most fun loving couple out there. The moment you asked us to accompany you on your elopement to the U.S. Virgin Islands had us BEYOND excited, but we had no idea the amount of fun and adventure that we had waiting on us. To be honest, our plan was to show up and blend in... (this was YOUR time and we didn't want to intrude) but you met us at the ferry with something totally different planned. From the beginning of our trip until we departed, you two showered us with so many neat experiences and we feel as if we left not only with awesome photographs but also with a sweet new friendship. As the saying goes, " a picture is worth a thousand words..." but these might be record breakers; it would take an endless amount of words to tell all the stories and express all the gratitude. We wish you the happiest years of wedded bliss.

Mr.+Mrs. Jedidiah Mounce | Kentucky Backyard Wedding

  Alex and Jed, Where do we even begin? From start to finish your wedding day was a dream. We are convinced that the only thing that was sweeter than your venue choice (under a pergola you all built together in your childhood backyard) is the love itself that you two so obviously share for one another. The hard work and love that was poured out by so many in preparation for your big day was evident in every little detail. We had the best time following you around all day and documenting even the smallest of details for you to look back at for years to come. We love you , wish you best, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for the new Mr. And Mrs. Jedediah Mounce.

Jason+Tori | Kentucky Summer Engagement

    When I met with Jason and Tori for their engagement session, we hopped in the car, made a few stops along the way and headed to our own little corner of the world. While this Creek is no secret to Somerset's natives, it was everything we could ask for on this sunny July afternoon. The secluded waterfront, and these amazing flat rocks made it the perfect setting for Tori and Jason to adore and cherish each other in front of my camera. And after spending even just this short time with them, I can tell you that this couple is beautiful inside and out. Their love for adventure, fun and the way they so naturally and seamlessly mesh together in these photos is just a small part of why their engagement session is so lovely. Jason and Tori, I wish you nothing but the best as you continue to plan and prepare for your wedding day next summer! I pray that you continue to enjoy this time of preparation – it’s truly such a precious time in your lives!

Micael+Aleshia | The Engagement

   At Micael and Aleshia's engagement session there was no shortage of sweet moments! They brought along Micael's daughter Gracii along for a few family shots. Watching Gracii interact with Micael and Aleshia was so incredibly precious. From picking flowers for Aleshia, wrestling with her dad, or just enjoying a family day with her two favorite people... A smile from ear to ear didn't leave Gracii's face.

   Micael and Gracii surprised Aleshia on a family vacation last summer where they asked her to be theirs forever! As you can already tell we are so excited for this wedding and all of the romantic and sweet moments ahead!


Justin+Jessica | The engagement

As most of you may know, we love shooting engagement sessions! This is the time where we really get to know our couples. We get to find out how they got engaged, what their favorite things to do are, and just get to simply get to know them and hang out with them!
When it came time for Jessica and Justin's engagement session I knew it was going to be something so special! Not only did they personally give me a tour of their wedding venue (our location for these awesome portraits) but I also just got to hang out with them, ride around on a golf cart and just explore and talk! (It is definitely true that I made Justin promise to not take me to jail for my golf cart driving skills! I'm terrible haha!)
These two have a chemistry like no other! I believe my favorite part of the session was just asking them to dance or whisper to one another because they just made it completely their own. All Jessica had to do was whisper a single word and it would make Justin crack up, or when they danced in the middle of the road.. AH I could have posted every single dance shot.. They were not only romantic but it was like a breath of fresh air seeing these two just being themselves and enjoying spending an evening together!

Justin and Jessica, we are so excited for you wedding this fall!
Thank you for just being your perfectly amazing selves!!


Mr. + Mrs. Zach Hargis | South Central KY Wedding

I read a quote the other day that said  
"We were together; I don't remember the rest."
When High school sweethearts wed, it results in some of the sweetest big days. Zach and Whitnie have been together for what seems like forever; and the exciting part is that they are just getting started (officially)! From start to finish their day was a dream. The hard work that both of their precious families put in paid off BIG time and resulted in a gorgeous ceremony/reception. As if the day wasn't already sweet enough, seeing Whitnie and her twin sister Jaysie share some of the most heartfelt moments throughout the day had us in constant awe of their bond. (Twin sisters truly are the perfect Best Friend). 

     The love between this bride and groom is undeniable and when we found out that the altar they married on was the same one Zach asked Whitnie to be his forever on, we just about melted to the floor. Marriage isn't easy and we never even pretend it is when chatting with our couples BUT we know that these two are the real deal and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for them! Thanks for choosing this crazy duo to document such a special day; it was perfect.