Every engagement session has something unique about it. This one had two! Not only is this sweet couple close friends of mine but we also traveled to Columbia, Kentucky to shoot in their hometown and at their college campus!

I love that Naomi and Colby are such a "go with the flow" kind of couple! Why do I say this you must ask? To get these first few shots you see in front of the teal garage door... We were driving through downtown on our way to the campus and all of a sudden at a stop sign, I look over to my left and see the door. I frantically honk my horn and in of course the most country way.. we proceed to roll down the windows and talk back and forth in traffic about finding the nearest parking spot because I spotted the perfect location for the beginning of our shoot.

We had so much fun exploring and I loved having two awesome tour guides around Lindsey Wilson College campus to see where their high school romance blossomed into this once in a life time love for one another! Lastly, we traveled into the backwoods to shoot at a shooting range where they love to spend their free time when their not studying. We hurried up the rocky hills to the tip top of the range to catch the tail end of the most gorgeous sunset! We loved being apart of their engagement and now we cant wait to celebrate their wedding day along side all of their family and friends! Enjoy this sweet session!