Taylor + Brittany | Engagement

We had spent the last 5 minutes waiting for the wind to calm down to get the perfect shot in this beautiful field. All of sudden, the good Lord heard my prayers and we had a calm and peaceful moment of no wind. I yell out across the field "Taylor, Brittany, hug up!" At that moment Taylor swooped Brittany into his arms and proceeded to dip her and they laughed and laughed the whole time! IT WAS GOLD!!!! This is when I knew just how crazy Taylor was about Brittany! Not a single care in the world... just couldn't wait to get her in his arms and see her beautiful laugh!

Brittany and Taylor's engagement shoot was on probably the windiest day of the year! But they pushed through and we found new places to shoot that wouldn't be as windy. It was such a pleasure getting to know these two and we are looking forward to their big day!