Our Saturday was not only spent with one of our beautiful couples on their wedding day... but it was spent with family and friends who worked so hard to help create a gorgeous day to never forget for these two. Nothing could ruin the joy and anticipation this day brought as it that had been 11 years in the making. JoJo and Andrew were middle school/ high school sweethearts! How awesome is that?! One of the many special details of the day was that their families provided all the hard work and services that traditional vendors typically would have! They cooked, decorated, did the flowers and so much more. I'll never forget seeing JoJo tear up when her sweet family brought in her gorgeous bouquets! You could plainly see everything was made with love and it was so appreciated. JoJo had some very special men in her life that she wanted to do first looks with.. First we started out with her sweet son Aiden! I can say that we couldn't have had a bigger smile on our faces when we saw Aiden turn around to see his Mom for the first time and shouted "Mom, You're so pretty!". Next up on our list was her brother and her dad which of course is always a tear jerker and didn't disappoint.

     JoJo and Andrew had a very unique venue on their wedding day! They got married at a little white church just a mile away from their reception venue. The Event Farm and Barn at Ottenheim. The rich history behind the venue and the beautiful restorations made to keep it up to date was nothing less than stunning! There were countless moments to their day that we will forever keep close to our hearts; their daughter singing a love song for them during the ceremony, the wedding party dancing down the aisle after all of the "I Do's" were said, the beautiful speeches that were given... But I believe for us, it had to be when JoJo's grandfather who is very sick and was even unsure if he would be able to make it to their wedding, got up from his seat and danced with her at the reception... there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

     JoJo and Andrew your day was beautiful, you made us feel like part of the family! We couldn't be more proud to be apart of your day that had been so long awaited. We Wish you both happiness and endless love for one another! Enjoy this peek into your sweet Wedding day!