Jacob+Kaytlin | Farm on the Lake

   Jacob and Kaytlin; Where do we even start? This day had been in the making since high school and let me tell you, it could not have been more perfect. Is there anything more touching than when two "kids" decide at a young age to make such an important commitment to each other ? Nah, we don't think so either. In a world that screams to wait, finish school, land a dream job, buy a house, (and the list goes on), it is refreshing to see young committed love founded in Christ. Every part of this day was so genuine and so sweet and we hope you enjoy just a small glimpse into their day.

Jacob and Kaytlin we were beyond honored to play such an intricate role on the very first day of the rest of your lives. We wish you both the very best and look forward to seeing where life with your best friend takes you. CHEERS! 

                                                                                                                               - KBETH + TALARA