Brandon+Elise | Kentucky Engagement

In our opinion, the best locations in Kentucky are the ones you find when you take “the road less traveled”. Elise and Brandon got to experience one of my “Hey, just trust me!”, “Lets go explore!”, “Uhh..Ignore that, but look over there!” engagement session adventures. When I have a couple that’s so trusting of my process it’s one of the most freeing things as a photographer! Shooting in the same city most of the time can become tough, so I like to get adventurous sometimes and take a backroad with my couples and just hop out of the car!
When they told me they were going to be bringing along their furry little one for the adventure I couldn't have been more excited! He was the perfect addition to their beautiful summer engagement! Seeing these two just hang out and enjoy spending some quality time nuzzling up makes me so happy to do what I do.
Brandon and Elise, we are so excited for your 2018 wedding! Thank you for choosing this crazy duo as your wedding photography team!