Landon+Jaysie | Kentucky Engagement

You may recognize these Jaysie from a wedding we did this past year when her twin sister got married... Now, its her turn! Let's all say it together... FINALLY! Jaysie and Landon have been together for 9 years!! THAT'S ALMOST A DECADE! They started dating in Middle school and continued through high school and now college! (Heart eyes everywhere) He proposed in Chicago on a weekend getaway. While they were eating at one of their favorite restaurants, he popped the question!! But that's not even the best part, Landon arranged that Jaysie's family would be there and they all got to secretly watch from the balcony above! Not kidding when i say just days after they got back from the trip we got a text saying "LET'S START WEDDING PLANNING" YES! YES! 
    Landon and Jaysie, You are so loved and we are so excited about being on this wild and exciting ride to "I DO". CHICAGO, Here we come!