Jed+Alex | Kentucky Engagement

     Alex and Jed... Where to begin! These two have had our hearts for a while now! When they are around each other they are so incredibly in love and completely in tune with one another that you almost can't help but smile when your around them! When starting to plan out their engagement session they wanted to incorporate places that were not only beautiful but that also held a deeper meaning to them. Starting their session off in Alex's family barn that her father designed and even had a whole section of the loft built so that she could have her own place to paint, play and just have fun when she was younger (you can find Jed and Alex dancing in this special place below) Then it was off to Jed's neck of the woods.. Literally.. haha we adventured around the woods behind his house and then down to his grandparents house which was built in the Civil War.. How cool is that?! Along with the obviously awesome locations.. Jed and Alex were such a treat to watch them interact and just have so much fun during the session! We are so excited for their wedding this summer! Until then, you can find us daydreaming about what AMAZING wedding portraits we will get of these two then.
                                                                                                                     -TALARA JO + K.BETH