Drew + Meagan | Lexington Engagement

    I have been so excited to share this shoot! Meagan and Drew are two of a kind! I could not get enough of the way she looked at him all night and the way that all Drew had to do is smile or whisper something so simple and it would make Meagan laugh and fall more in love with him each time! Can you imagine how their wedding day will go?!?! YES!! We are already daydreaming about these two... They are going to rock this whole marriage thing!! We explored some places in Lexington I had not photographed before which made the big city of Lexington seem far away! We got to shoot at Grimes Mill which was absolutely beautiful!!! The other location was very special to Drew and Meagan, Henry Clay Estate.. Can you guess why?! This is where Drew Proposed! Sadly, the garden was not open during the time of their shoot but we did get to spend some time exploring around the gardens (these two can make anywhere fun!) So, I thought it may be neat to let the readers hear a little about their proposal. Snuggle up, keep reading, and fall in love with Drew and Meagan just like we have!

     "It was a cold day and I had just got off work and Drew said that he wanted to go for a walk around the neighborhood and I agreed. Nothing was out of the ordinary because we have bundled up and walked numerous times in the neighborhood...
I knew marriage was in our future but never thought I would be engaged that day!
I put my toboggan and mittens on and he put his coat on and we left his apartment on our walk. We headed up Richmond road like normal and talked about life and what not. Drew can spark a conversation about anything so there wasn't a silent moment the whole way which played the surprise off well... I told drew that I wanted to walk up by the Henry Clay estate and he easily agreed. As we got closer I was excited because the garden gate was unlocked and I know it's not much but we were actually able to go in! We went through the gate and there are signs posted all over the lawn claiming "Not to walk on it" and I began walking around the perimeter like I should. I turn around and drew is walking on the lawn like we AREN'T supposed to do!! and I do not break the rules so I immediately ask "What are you doing?!"
With a look in his eyes he says "Come over here" and me being "me" was like no we can't do that!
He comes over and gently grabs my hand and leads me onto the garden lawn. And I keep asking "What are you doing?? What are you doing?" And then it hit me what he was doing!!! And with not ONE soul around but him and I he gets down on one knee and reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out this beautiful diamond ring that he picked out completely by himself! No help from me at all! And with his shaking nervous voice he asks me to marry him! Of course I said YES!! But what I loved about our proposal is that it was just between him and I and no one else around and that was what we both wanted. It was simple but so special to me." -Meagan