Mr. + Mrs. Zach Hargis | South Central KY Wedding

I read a quote the other day that said  
"We were together; I don't remember the rest."
When High school sweethearts wed, it results in some of the sweetest big days. Zach and Whitnie have been together for what seems like forever; and the exciting part is that they are just getting started (officially)! From start to finish their day was a dream. The hard work that both of their precious families put in paid off BIG time and resulted in a gorgeous ceremony/reception. As if the day wasn't already sweet enough, seeing Whitnie and her twin sister Jaysie share some of the most heartfelt moments throughout the day had us in constant awe of their bond. (Twin sisters truly are the perfect Best Friend). 

     The love between this bride and groom is undeniable and when we found out that the altar they married on was the same one Zach asked Whitnie to be his forever on, we just about melted to the floor. Marriage isn't easy and we never even pretend it is when chatting with our couples BUT we know that these two are the real deal and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for them! Thanks for choosing this crazy duo to document such a special day; it was perfect.