Justin+Jessica | The engagement

As most of you may know, we love shooting engagement sessions! This is the time where we really get to know our couples. We get to find out how they got engaged, what their favorite things to do are, and just get to simply get to know them and hang out with them!
When it came time for Jessica and Justin's engagement session I knew it was going to be something so special! Not only did they personally give me a tour of their wedding venue (our location for these awesome portraits) but I also just got to hang out with them, ride around on a golf cart and just explore and talk! (It is definitely true that I made Justin promise to not take me to jail for my golf cart driving skills! I'm terrible haha!)
These two have a chemistry like no other! I believe my favorite part of the session was just asking them to dance or whisper to one another because they just made it completely their own. All Jessica had to do was whisper a single word and it would make Justin crack up, or when they danced in the middle of the road.. AH I could have posted every single dance shot.. They were not only romantic but it was like a breath of fresh air seeing these two just being themselves and enjoying spending an evening together!

Justin and Jessica, we are so excited for you wedding this fall!
Thank you for just being your perfectly amazing selves!!