Zach+Lauren | Paris Elopement

    We’re celebrating all things PARIS today with a gorgeous elopement—kind of an homage to the City of Light. Aside from being completely smitten with Zach and Lauren's intimate wedding day in the most romantic city in the world, we can’t stop obsessing over the couple’s beyond-chic style choices; Zach's blue suit, Lauren's beautiful blush and gold wedding dress with embroidered florals, and a handpicked bouquet by the bride and groom themselves.

    Looking back at Lauren and Zach's Elopement in Paris, I can't help but smile from ear to ear. Many of you know that we have been waiting for weeks to release these heart-filled images to the public. We have been waiting for the new Mr. and Mrs. to come home and celebrate with their friends and family! They wanted to share the images with friends and family first so they can get the full experience of their journey to bride and groom. 
                                       (So, stay tuned for some awesome reception photos coming soon)

   These two really have my whole heart. Our time in Paris was unlike any of my other travel/work experiences. It was just the five of us in the City of Lights for three days. Apart from massive amounts of adventuring (to many parts I had never even heard of), we laughed until we cried, ate enough croissants and macaroons to feed a small village and fully celebrated their love

     And putting aside the obvious beauty and romance that IS Paris, the greatest thing I can take away from this day was just how incredibly connected Lauren and Zach were all day.  They truly made it all about celebrating the love they shared and being IN the moment. 
    Lauren and Zach decided to get ready for their big day together which made for some super romantic getting ready shots. They even handpicked the flowers for her bouquet at one of the flower shops off the street!
                                                                (HOW SWEET IS THAT?!)
      Although, friends and family were not present for their nuptials they invited one of their dear friends who was currently living in Germany to come to Paris and be their officiant. It was so neat to not only see one of their best friends marry them, but to also hear the outstanding words of wisdom and kindness he shared with them during the ceremony. Zach and Lauren made their promises to one another in such a beautiful and romantic place as the Parc Monceau. It was pure magic, and so very intimate.
     We had brunch on their wedding day at the infamous Laduree and later that evening they celebrated the end of their wedding day on the lawn of the Eiffel tower with some champagne and the world's finest macaroons money can buy! What a perfect way to end a beyond perfect day!

    They were also so ridiculously good to me and did everything they could to help me capture their day as beautifully as possible– dream clients in every sense of the word!  This day was such a gift, and I was sure to not let the huge honor escape me for one minute. This elopement produced some of my all-time favorite photos and was without a doubt, a trip I’ll always cherish.  I’m so grateful for Zach and Lauren, and I look so forward to more amazing travels documenting love all around the world.

   Enough of our thoughts, let's hear some thoughts from the Bride and Groom themselves!

     From the Groom:
Paris elopement was such an unique experience because we only had to worry about each other on our wedding day so that just made it that much more romantic. And being able to have one of our best friends there and him being so involved. My favorite thing was being able to explore the cities for the first time at our own pace and see what we wanted to see. We couldn't have asked for anything to have been more perfect.

    From the Bride:
When I went to Paris in high school I absolutely fell in love with the city...the romanticism, the flowers, the food. Everything. Zach and I both really love to take trips and travel so we always had a International honeymoon in mind... and I loved the idea of sharing the city I loved with Zachary. When it finally came time to start planning a wedding, neither of us really loved the idea of something traditional. With Jarred (our best friend and officiant) already in Germany it seemed perfect to just combine the two into one trip for a more intimate day. I really loved experiencing European culture on our own with pretty much no expectations or schedule. We took every day by day and learned the city by walking. sitting on the lawn at the Eiffel Tower at night was absolutely breathe taking and only reminded me how lucky we were to get to do what we did and have the best photographers with us!!!