Jason+Tori | Kentucky Summer Engagement

    When I met with Jason and Tori for their engagement session, we hopped in the car, made a few stops along the way and headed to our own little corner of the world. While this Creek is no secret to Somerset's natives, it was everything we could ask for on this sunny July afternoon. The secluded waterfront, and these amazing flat rocks made it the perfect setting for Tori and Jason to adore and cherish each other in front of my camera. And after spending even just this short time with them, I can tell you that this couple is beautiful inside and out. Their love for adventure, fun and the way they so naturally and seamlessly mesh together in these photos is just a small part of why their engagement session is so lovely. Jason and Tori, I wish you nothing but the best as you continue to plan and prepare for your wedding day next summer! I pray that you continue to enjoy this time of preparation – it’s truly such a precious time in your lives!