Clay and Chantella Huffman | An Island Elopement

Clay and Chantella, You two have to be the cutest, craziest, most fun loving couple out there. The moment you asked us to accompany you on your elopement to the U.S. Virgin Islands had us BEYOND excited, but we had no idea the amount of fun and adventure that we had waiting on us. To be honest, our plan was to show up and blend in... (this was YOUR time and we didn't want to intrude) but you met us at the ferry with something totally different planned. From the beginning of our trip until we departed, you two showered us with so many neat experiences and we feel as if we left not only with awesome photographs but also with a sweet new friendship. As the saying goes, " a picture is worth a thousand words..." but these might be record breakers; it would take an endless amount of words to tell all the stories and express all the gratitude. We wish you the happiest years of wedded bliss.