Mr. + Mrs. Josh Parrott | Kentucky Ballroom Wedding

   The only thing more beautiful than Josh and Allison's day was the love that they so obviously share for one another. From The first curl fashioned in Allison's hair until the last sparkler was snuffed out, there was nothing but love, laughter, and lots of dancing (these people can move!) Some of the simplest and smallest details of this day have to be some of our favorites. We loved seeing Allison hanging with her mom and all of her best girls in the hotel room singing, dancing and just in awe of Allison's wedding day glow! We ADORED Josh's wedding band which just so happens to be Allison's great grandfathers. We teared up when Allison cried watching from afar as Josh got into position for their first look. (How Sweet is that?!) We love that Josh's socks match his last name...(Clever thinking on his part). And Lastly, At the end of the night, everyone is dancing and having a great time at the reception and you look in the middle of the dance floor and you see Josh and Allison alone in their own world talking to one another.. who knows what was said, maybe how beautiful she looks, maybe how much fun their having, maybe how incredibly sweet Josh was all day... We may never know, but what we do know is that this day was unforgettable and #WEDDINGDAYGOALS for sure!
Thank you so much Allison and Josh for having this crazy duo along for one of the biggest most important days of your lives; it was such an honor. We wish you the sweetest love for the rest of your days