Cody+Trista | The Proposal

As most of you know by now... these two got engaged a little over a week ago!! I can tell by the incredible sweet comments these two were getting on their post that this has been a long time coming.. it seemed as though all of Kentucky was rooting for them! 
      Cody had an incredible idea and I'm so thankful it all went smoothly and the exact way we imagined! Thank you to all of the friends who helped get them to the houseboat, celebrated, and planned an awesome engagement after party!
      Hiding on the neighbor houseboat, crouching behind the bar and killing a total of 7 spiders while waiting.. was COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!! Just look at how excited she is!
     As you can tell, I can go on and on about their sweet proposal but why not take it from Trista!! Here is her favorite parts of the day!

Trista: "My first thought was, speechless!! Except for the squealing "is this really happening!?!??" Lol. We had talked about getting married obviously and I knew it was coming but I had NO idea it was coming that day or anytime in the next few months. The fact that he had you there to document it and had our best friends there to share in it was even more special. I couldn't imagine a more perfect way if I had planned it all myself I was (and still am) SO excited. Cody has been the biggest blessing in my life , by far, and showed up unexpectedly right when I needed him the most and I'm so excited to start this journey with him! And then, after I realized how much planning went into it behind the scenes from him and my friends, I was completely blown away! They had all been working on this for weeks, and to top it off by coming home to a surprise engagement party was just the best way to round it out that I could ever dream of it was truly the perfect day with the perfect fiancé!"

There you have it folks!!! Check out all of the excitement below!! Congratulations Cody and Trista!!!