Professional Photographer

Leader of Photography + Editing

     Hey there, I'm Talara Jo. I am the leader of photography and editing here at Talara Jo Weddings.  I am a part time dental assistant and a full time Photographer. I am also recently engaged to the love of my life, so you can imagine how excited I am to get to plan my own wedding along-side all of our amazing brides. I believe in Jesus Christ, a good cup of coffee, telling people you love them, sweet tea, and love!

      I started my photography journey in high school and have continued to learn and grow every day. I truly feel so blessed and grateful to be welcomed into our clients’ lives, to learn their love story, to share in their joy, and to celebrate with them as they make this amazing marriage commitment! I hope when you look through our images, that you see more than just a pretty picture but that you see a glimpse into two peoples story and see their love shine through every image. We aren't just in the photography business, we are in the history making business. The love story of two people on the biggest day of their relationship, how it unfolds, who was there, what you wore... I can't think of a better history to tell.


Professional Photographer

 Leader of Marketing and Design  

   Thank you so much for stopping by!  My name is Karrie-Beth and I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, recent first time momma,  former fashion model,  and a professional lifestyle photographer/designer born and raised in the beautiful bluegrass state. I love Jesus, my family, cooking, crime shows, a good cup of iced green tea, graphic design, and photographing our incredible brides!

   Photography has been one of my biggest blessings; allowing me to use a passion of mine to touch other people's lives. Time passes too quickly and at the end all we will have are our memories. Photography to me, is not just a service but it is way to physically document and pass on those precious memories after we are long gone. This career is more rewarding than I ever thought possible and I can't imagine doing anything else. I look forward getting to know you and your fiancé, sharing some laughs, maybe some happy tears, and telling your love story through my lens and designs.