We are fully aware that there are MANY different photographers out there to choose from when it comes time to choose your wedding photographer. So why choose Talara Jo Weddings? That's easy! Talara Jo and Karrie Beth are BOTH professional photographers. Many times when you book a wedding photographer that lists "two photographers" you are actually only getting one professional coupled with a hobbiest (or beginner photographer at most) hired only for the day. 

So What Does that Mean?

   That means that the second shooting photographer isn't invested. After your wedding day they will go back to either taking pictures for fun OR trying to start their own wedding photography business. The fact is, most likely the photographer they are working with, though may be a friend, is also competition and they have no real incentive for providing you with their best work. Unfortunately this can lead to mediocre images of one of the most important days of your life. We know you you don't want that, and we most definitely don't want that for you! 

What Makes TJW Different?

   Talara and Karrie Beth are different because they have decided to end the trend. After more than a year of working together in a situation similar to the one mentioned above, they made some discoveries. The first thing that they learned is that their personalities really clicked. Talara and Karrie Beth have a relationship in the photography world that is a rarity; they are best friends first and photographers second. 

   Next,they realized that they had different "loves" when it came to the wedding day. While Talara loved the front end of the business,  leading the photography, and post wedding editing; Karrie Beth found pleasure working behind the scenes handling marketing, styling, and designing priceless heirlooms for their brides to treasure. So they made the decision to "marry" their wedding photography businesses and Talara Jo Weddings was born. 

   Talara Jo Weddings is known for providing brides with fresh, breathtaking imagery and delivering their service with the utmost professionalism and highest quality experience. Their style  is the perfect blend of high-end photo journalism and romantic styled posing.  If you are looking for an experience and not just a service, if you are looking for new friends and not just another vendor, and if you are looking for photographers who will pour their heart and soul into perfectly capturing one of the most important days of your life, look no further. 

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